ATM/UTM – Air Traffic and Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management

Accelerating the evolution of ATM/UTM integration and automation

After decades of continuous improvement, the introduction of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) creates new challenges for air traffic management (ATM). ATM systems require the development of a tailored approach for unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM), while ensuring the development and compatibility of both traffic management systems. ATM and UTM alignment and integration require a full understanding of both ecosystems from products to procedures, systems and human factors.

Leading the way

Drawing on our unique expertise in related infrastructures (airports, naval and military air bases, etc.) and aircraft (commercial aircraft, eVTOL, drones, etc.), our experts have a holistic understanding of ATM/UTM ecosystems. We collaborate closely with local and global authorities to safely integrate the new forms of air transportation and ensure the balance between operability and technological revolutions.

Why Airbus Protect?

Whether enhancing our clients’ existing operations, systems, infrastructure or branching out to entirely new services, our offering includes:

  • Safe operations of all aircraft in all types of environments (airports, city centres, military bases, etc.) and situations (emergency, delivery, etc.)
  • Seamlessly integrating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into the airspace
  • Upgrading ATM while ensuring UTM compatibility
  • Enhancing the social acceptance of UAVs
  • Assessing solutions based on human factors
  • Modelling and simulating smart mobility specific challenges (MBSE to MBSA)
  • Improving time-to-operation
  • Providing ATM and UTM design and process assurance software (ATM: ED 109 & 153, EU 2017/373. UTM: EU 2019/945)
  • Assisting with safety SAM (FHA, pSSA, SSA, etc.)
  • Offering safety-specific operations risk assessment expertise (SORA)
  • Conducting vertiport feasibility studies (ISO/TC 20/SC 17 N 35, ISO/NP 5491)
  • Supporting a new agility culture and management approach

Our offering

We partner with clients to safely master both ATM and UTM. Our highly skilled consultants, experts and trainers know how to safely manage risks and master compliance, while accelerating safety standards. Our offering includes:

  • Regulatory consulting
  • Safety studies
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Tailored simulation solutions
  • Training in line with all relevant global and local regulations

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