by Constance Bertrand on 2021-06-24

Working in an industrial environment

I graduated from the School of Organic and Mineral Chemistry (ESCOM) specializing in Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.

I discovered the industrial environment, and especially risk management, during my schooling and my engineering internships.

Airbus Protect

After graduating, I joined Airbus Protect as an industrial risk studies engineer in November 2018.
I work in an industrial environment, mainly in the sectors of chemistry, agrochemistry, storage and logistics, and classified Installations for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE). My mission is to support our clients in the creation of the technical and regulatory dossier, such as, for example: hazard studies, impact studies, authorization requests and to bring these to their attention.

For this purpose, I carry out an analysis of the inherent risks to the activity, the process implemented or the environment, and carry out modeling of dangerous phenomena leading to thermal, toxic, or overpressure effects.
I also try to correctly describe the installation activities, its environment, the products used and / or stored with their intrinsic characteristics.

From the results, I advise our clients on the organizational and technical measures that can be implemented to reduce the risk. This part means I need to be aware of the latest evolutions of by-laws, directives, circulars and guides. You must be careful to always apply the latest version in force.

I particularly appreciate that the situations encountered, because of the internal and external specificities of each site, make it possible to confront ever-changing issues and thus to broaden my knowledge and skills.

Various profiles

My work also brings me to exchange with people of various profiles who each bring their expertise in their own field (health and safety, production, maintenance, architecture, ecology and many others).

What expertise do you use at Airbus Protect?
Technique for carrying out studies and modeling. Editorial, in a spirit of analysis and synthesis for the writing of studies. Relational for the accompaniment and the exchange with our customers.

3 values that I found in Airbus Protect:

Team spirit, Expertise, Multidisciplinarity

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