by Ha-Meem Hussain on 2022-06-30

Airbus Protect explains: Drones and Autonomous Vehicles

Want to know everything about Drones and Autonomous? Let’s meet Ha-Meem Hussain.

Transport system are revolutionized by new technologies, and we stand on the edge of the change.

Ha-Meem Hussain joined Airbus Protect 5 years ago after an apprenticeship at Airbus Helicopters. She has worked since on projects of Urban Air Mobility and, surveillance Drones. She is currently working on Airbus’s Extra Performance Wing demonstrator project safety analysis and in PRISSMA (Plateforme de Recherche et d’Investissement pour la Sûreté et la Sécurité de la Mobilité Autonome) research group for Autonomous Vehicles. 

 What’s the goal of Extra Performance Wing and PRISSMA?

Extra Performance Wing aims to improve and optimize wing aerodynamics and performance for any future aircraft. The new configuration of the wing and the nature of the project challenge the classical safety approach and push us to come up with alternative acceptable solutions. 

On the other side, PRISSMA project is related to autonomous urban transportation, enabled by AI (Artificial Intelligence) modules. Here again, the safety of this process has to be ensured and at Airbus Protect, we work with experts to recommend a methodology for their homologation.  

What do you do in your job at Airbus Protect?

We customize the safety analysis to the client’s needs. Especially, for unmanned aircraft systems, sometimes regulations are not as developed and mature as for manned aircrafts. 

In parallel, for PRISSMA, our team try to find the best methodology to reach acceptable safety levels with use of AI for urban shuttles homologation along with all partners in this project. We begin with a SOTA (State Of The Art) in order to propose a set of requirements useful for both authorities and manufactures and all other stake holders. 

What makes you happy in your worklife?

To work with people with whom I can learn and grow on a daily basis is my happiness garden. When I see them, I am grateful and it brings a bright smile on my face and joy in my heart. 

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